Upfront Housemusic

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RMXLAB1503 – Upfront Housemusic (Miami Tunes with Organic Sounds on Vibrant Rhythms as Peakhour Picks Best of Key-D Compilation featuring the Paduraru Megamix) [The Remix Label] 24 Mar 2015
01 Coolerika – Courage Comes By Doing (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
02 Back2basics – Inspirational Innovation (Balanced Minimal Techhouse Mix)
03 Paduraru – Dancing Drums (Giusepe Souza Deephouse Mix)
04 Dubacid – Payclose Attention (Organic Deephouse Mix)
05 2LS2Dance – Playfloor (Phenomen Acid Techhouse Mix)
06 1st Class – Greatest Truth (Organic Deephouse Mix)
07 Heathous – Glow (Aerobic Fitness Proghouse Mix)
08 Onelord – We Go Higher (Movemaker Techhouse Mix)
09 The Musicmaker – Movement (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
10 Morico Montini – Musickeeps Ugoing (Deephouse Mix)
11 Movemaker – Reaching Out (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
12 Heathous – Accepting Toride (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
13 2LS2Dance – Logic Interpretation (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
14 Morico Montini – Movies About Moving (Progressive House Mix)
15 Integrity – Feeling Up (Mature Deeptech Techhouse Mix)
16 Newheart – Can You Feel It (Bass Techhouse Mix)
17 Yesitive – Sound Chugger (Aerobic Acidhouse Mix)
18 Various Artists – Upfront Housemusic (Cristian Paduraru Deeptech Proghouse Music DJ Megamix)



The Evolution Of Dance Music

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WER1503 – The Evolution Of Dance Music Since Creation (March Worldwide Exclusive Best Housemusic Tunes Compilation)

01 B123 Heathous – 19 Children (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
02 C123 Onelord – Onewalk (Organic Techhouse Mix)
03 Db123 Norad4u – No Radiation For You (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
04 D123 2LS2Dance – Titanic Redemption (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
05 Eb123 Chile – Chilean Dance Anthem (Tribal Housemusic Mix)
06 E123 Relate4ever – Rolling Into Deep (1stClass Inspiring Deephouse Mix)
07 F123 Dubacid – Seek With All Your Heart (Paduraru Organic Deephouse Mix)
08 Gb123 Cristian Paduraru – Homeschooling Naturally (Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
09 Ab123 Gospel – The Kingdom Alert (So Shannon Vocal House Mix)
10 B123 Oh Yes – Optimism Tune (Deeptech Techhouse Mix)
11 Bb123 Funkocrat – TeamWakeEmUp (RedSilverJ aka ReviewManify VS RonPaul and Relate4ever Progressive Breaks Dance Music Mix)
12 E123 Gospel – Prepare The Kingdom (Ana Miranda Deep Vocal Snap Breaks Mix)

Organic Housemusic

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WER1504 Cristian Paduraru – Organic Housemusic (Inspiring deephouse sounds on vibrant techhouse rhythms album)

01 F123 Seek With All Your Heart (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
02 C123 Dreaming Big Dreams For The Kingdom (Inspiring Deephouse Mix)
03 A123 Following The Anointed One (Tribal Deephouse Mix)
04 Ab123 Elderly Leading Activism (Progressive Techhouse Mix)
05 Bb123 Rescue Rebuke (Dubacid Deephouse Mix)
06 Db123 Eat Rawfood Rainbow 7 Colors (GrowAware Deephouse Mix)
07 Eb123 Feel The Wind (Organic Deephouse Mix)
08 Gb123 Humility Before Honor (Heathous Deephouse Mix)
09 F123 Loving The Enemies (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
10 G123 Top10 Bible Chapters (Deeptech Deephouse Mix)

Housemusic Warmup

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RMXLAB1502 – Housemusic Warmup (Organic Deephouse Sounds meets Vibrant Techhouse Rhythms and Inspiring Proghouse Music Tunes Compilation in Key-Db on The Remix Label and Paduraru Megamix)

01 Relate4ever – Walk To Remember (Deephouse Mix)
02 Movemaker – Cycling Marathon (2LS2Dance Techhouse Mix)
03 Mexico – Mexican Dance Anthem (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
04 Dubacid – Includes Warmth (Techhouse Mix)
05 Superfoods – Scriptures Fulfilled (Deeptech Proghouse Mix)
06 Movemaker – Rolling Rhythm (The Musicmaker Tribal Techhouse Mix)
07 Yesitive – Journey Of Life (Ketaneo Proghouse Mix)
08 Coolerika – You Want Groove (Coronita Tribal Techhouse Mix)
09 Vibrant – Desire Mercy (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
10 Dubacid – Hunger Satisfied (Macgaren Acidhouse Mix)
11 Yesitive – Welcome To Workout (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
12 Onelord – Gentle Inherit (Organic Deephouse Mix)
13 Paduraru – Heading To Heaven (Headwai Deephouse Mix)
14 Carola Bianca – Caring Environment (Organic Proghouse Mix)
15 Dubacid – Thirsty4right (Fabian Super Deephouse Mix)
16 Morico Montini – Ministry Training (Paduraru Techhouse Mix)
17 Carpatina – Welness Armonia (Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
18 Pad-U – Presbyteros (Organic Deephouse Mix)
19 Dubacid – Music Confess (Acidhouse Techhouse Mix)
20 Cristian Paduraru – Housemusic Warmup (Various Artists Continuous Key-Db Deeptech Proghouse Music DJ Mixset)