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Deepest Mystery In Our History #Ambient #Chillout #Album #Compilation

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01 Deepient – Unseen Eternal Things (Deep Ambient Chillout Mix)
02 Atmosphera – Best Support (Campayo & Caro Chillout Mix)
03 Seashore – Your Life As A Journey (Paduraru Ambient Chillout Dub)
04 Ferentari – Forming Maturity (Electro Chillout DJ Tool)
05 Ambienta – Your Meditation (Paduraru Ambient Chillout Dub)
06 Paduraru – Inspiring Cooperation (John Dare Ambient Chillout Mix)
07 Amazing – Expressing Yourself (Seashore Ambient Chillout Mix)
08 Amazing – You Want It (Deep Blend Ambient Chillout Mix)
09 Reversing – Wishland (Loyalmen Lounge Chillout Mix)
10 Reversing – Personal Reality (Pete Marson Ambient Chillout Mix)
11 Deepient – Revival Chance (Loopz Da Fruit Ambient Chillout Mix)
12 Loyalmen – Letters From The Edge (Waterflow Ambient Chillout Mix)
13 Waterflow – Reborn To Grow (Guidry & Supra Ambient Chillout Dub)
14 Loyalmen – Feeding Breast (Hy2RoGeN Chillout Ambient Mix)
15 Remixable – Emotion Comes From Motion (Delcassy Chillout Mix)
16 Various Artists – Deepest Mystery In Our History (Silvia Riolo aka LaDj Ambient Chillout Mixset)


#Progressive #Ambient #Album

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WER1406 – Cristian Paduraru -Progressive Ambient (Top 20 Tracks with Organic Sounds on Vibrant Rhythms) [4 June 2014 on Worldwide Exclusive Records]

01 Everyday Is A Holiday
02 Mourn Are Blessed
03 Bricky Tootleg
04 Just Wonderful Pads
05 Bowingdown
06 Poor In Spirit Are Blessed
07 So Merciful Are Blessed
08 Daughters Dontstir Love
09 Blameless Everlasting Covenant
10 Gentle Inherit The Earth
11 Poimen Presbyter Pastor Shepherd Elder Episkopos Overseer
12 Blessed Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness
13 Pureheart Willsee God
14 Powerlove Selfcontrol Spirit
15 Forestrees Sing4judgement
16 Persecuted For The Kingdom Of Heaven
17 Made Verygood Melodics
18 Fasting Forgood Isaiah 58
19 Peacemakers Called Sons Of God
20 Dont Thread Onme
21 Progressive Ambient Megamix