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Deeper Housemusic

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RMXLAB1504 – Deeper Housemusic (Balearic Tunes with Organic Deephouse Sounds on Vibrant Proghouse Rhythms as Best Housemusic Compilation of Key-Eb from The Remix Label) 21 April 2015

01 Yesitive – Raisedon The3rday (Paduraru Proghouse Mix)
02 1st Class – Positive Potential (Inspiring House Mix)
03 Yespiring – Sharing Positivity (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
04 Dubacid – Persecuted 4KOH (Organic Acidhouse Mix)
05 2LS2Dance – Made Verygood Rhythm (Minimal Techhouse DJTool)
06 Superfoods – Fruit Of The Spirit (Organic Deephouse Mix)
07 Dubacid – Decentralization (Deeptech Techhouse Mix)
08 Morico Montini – Vibrant Education (Deephouse Housemusic Mix)
09 Heathous – Allwas Verygood (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
10 Chile – Chilean Dance Anthem (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
11 Funkocrat – Stop Da Phone (Progressive Breaks Mix)
12 Onelord – Venerable Honesty (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
13 GrowAware – Equipping Educators (Deeptech Deephouse Mix)
14 Cristian Paduraru – Deeper Housemusic (Various Artists Deeptech Proghouse Music Megamix)




Dance The Scriptures

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CR1505 – Cristian Paduraru presents Dance the Scriptures (Inspiring Housemusic Album) Spring Edition release date May 2015 as Digital, CD, Vinyl – Celebrating 10 years of Christian Records of The Remix Label music ministry! Copyright Licensing Contact: Cristian at TheRemixLabel

01 Prepare The Kingdom (Ana Miranda Vocal Funkocrat Breaks Dance)
02 Evangelio En Espanol (Gospel Vocal Lounge Ambient Chillout)
03 I Will Walk Worthy (Relate4ever Organic Deephouse Mix)
04 Peacemakers (Cristian Paduraru Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
05 Feeling Right Sideup (GrowAware Vocal Deephouse Mix)
06 Love Chapter Dance Anthem (Ana Miranda Vocal Tribal House Mix)
07 The Gospel of The Kingdom Prepared (Snap Breaks Mix)
08 True Disciples (Heathous Organic Deephouse Mix)
09 Games For Girls (Dubacid Deeptech Techno Mix)
10 Gospel Shoutout (Vocal Housemusic Anthem Mix)
11 Emotional World (Coolerika Vocal House Music Radio Mix)
12 Pesto Spring Healthy Food (Carola Bianca Vocal Deephouse Mix)
13 Emotion To Weep (Fire In Water Progressive Breaks Mix)
14 Starrysky Dreams Begins To Fly (1st Class Vocal Proghouse Mix)
15 Beating Heart (Yesitive Vocal Progressive House Mix)
16 Like A Dove (Yespiring Inspiring Deephouse Mix)
17 Universal Interpretation Was Positive (Morico Montini Vocal Housemusic Mix)
18 Teaching Hearts Team Building (Ketaneo Tribal Proghouse Mix)
19 Fruit Of The Spirit (Superfoods Organic Deephouse Mix)
20 Sharing Transparently The Great Commision (EDM Accurate Bible Version 2LS2Dance Techhouse Music Mix)
21 Best Beach Ambiance (Remixable Key-Bb Lounge Chillout Ambient Minimix)

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