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Spring Chillout Album

  • Download (save as) – DescargaDescarca – Cristian Paduraru – Spring Chillout (Ambient Chillout Lounge Inspirational Background Music Album Soundtrack) [The Remix Label] RMXLAB1704

01 The Clean Anthem
02 April Anthem
03 Suffer The Children
04 April Ambient
05 Amazing Ambient
06 Copil Child Nino
07 Being Loyalmen
08 Milos Merciful Misericordioso
09 Organic Lounge
10 Pocainta Repentance Arrepentimiento
11 Tropical April
12 Ucenic Disciple Discipulo
13 Spring Chillout Mix


Christmas Rhythm

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WER141217 – Christmas Rhythm (Cristian Paduraru Chillout Progressive Ambient Album) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]
01 G123 Increasing In Wisdom And Stature (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 7:21
02 D123 Immersion Forgiveness (Remixable EDM Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:47
03 D123 Courage Comes By Doing (Coolerika Beautiful Hangdrum Ambient Mix) 7:21
04 D123 Persevere In Life And Teaching (Amazing Organic Ambient Mix) 5:14
05 Db123 Superfoods Scriptures Fulfilled (Vibrant Bass Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:44
06 Db123 Forguiding (Deepient Organic Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:43
07 Bb123 What Is Faith (Minimal Dub Techno Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:14
08 Bb123 Wind Shelter (Pad-U Warmbient Deep Ambient Chillout Mix) 4:10
09 Bb123 Weekly Newstudy (Loyalmen Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:48
10 Bb123 Study Newverse Everyday (Seashore Organic Dub Ambient Mix) 7:19
11 Bb123 Proclaim Persevere Prepared (Warmbient Deep Bass Ambient Mix) 5:47
12 Bb123 Inductive Study Genesis (Feelectro Ambient Chillout Lounge Mix) 7:20
13 Bb123 Beautiful Sacrifices (Bellimba Hangdrum Relaxing Ambient Mix) 5:43
14 Bb123 Hearing The Word (Organic DubAcid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:46
15 Ab123 Blameless Everlasting Covenant (Balanced Bass Ambient Chillout Mix) 7:20
16 VA115 Christmas Rhythm (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Album Megamix) 1:37:10



Progbient Winter Compilation

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#Progbient Winter #Progressive Ambient meets Deeptech Housemusic Compilation on WorldwideExclusive

WER141203 – Progbient Winter (Where Progressive Ambient meets Deeptech Housemusic Compilation) – Positive house music here!
01 C123 Dubacid – Disciplestoday (Inspiring Deephouse Mix) 7:21
02 D125 Onelord – Open Because God (Go Hiyama Minimal Techhouse Mix) 5:08
03 G126 Phenomen – IGot Love (Dimitris Palikaris House Mix) 7:11
04 Gb122 Growaware – Contrails Hurts (Visha Fractal Deephouse Mix) 8:55
05 Gb123 Dubacid – Daily Peace Gold Love (Deeptech Ambient Mix) 5:17
06 D123 Fire In Water – End Of It All Will Come (Progressive Ambient Mix) 7:01
07 G123 Loyalmen – Relaxing The People (Progressive Chillout Mix) 7:30
08 Ab123 Cristian Paduraru – We Are The Change We Want To See In The World (Vibrant Ambient Mix) 7:19
09 B123 Bellimba – Berries Super Potent Healthy Nutrition (Deep Ambient Mix) 5:47
10 A123 Deepient – Natural News Health Ranger Cleanfood Movement (Organic Acid Chillout Mix) 5:47
11 Eb123 Feelectro – Raisedon Thegospel (Progressive Acid Ambient Mix) 7:20
12 E123 1st Class – Fordeep Relations Fulfill The Oneanother Eachother Passages (Dubhouse Ambient Mix) 5:16
13 F123 Carola Bianca – Chosen Faithworks (Acid Ambient Mix) 5:16
14 F124 Yesitive – Bitter Sweet (System Shock Proghouse Mix) 6:14


Maximal Housemusic

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Maximal Housemusic Dee Green and Jepy Jey aka FDK Techhouse Mixset

01 Intellectual – Deep In Dub (Suli Belarto Minimal Techno Dub)
02 Because – Your Material Body (Sabb Minimal Techno Mix)
03 Focus3d – Equipping Education (Robin Jacobs Minimal Mix)
04 Inspirational – Releasing The Potential (Rhadoo Minimal Techno Mix)
05 The Musicmaker – Universal Interpretation (Chriss Razor Tech House Mix)
06 4speakers – Positive Education (Rhadoo Minimal Techno Mix)
07 Ability – Wishland (2 Robots Minimal Techno Mix)
08 Because – Best Storm (Rispo & Tumminello & Dee Green Minimal Tech House Mix)
09 Paduraru – Courage Comes By Doing (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
10 Onelord – Dancing Drums (Giusepe Souza Deephouse Mix)


Minimal Housemusic

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Minimal Housemusic Niki B and Christian EFFE aka Sonartek Techhouse Mixset

01 4speakers – Fighting The Spiritual Battle (Tech House Mix)
02 2LS 2 Dance – Supersonic (Sampler Tech House Dub)
03 4speakers – Supersonic (Beat Pharmacy aka Brendon Moeller Tech House Dub)
04 Windenergy – Revival Changes (Divai Tech House Mix)
05 Because – Universal Interpretation (Vinny Minimal Techno Dub)
06 Focus3d – Inclusive Mindset (DJ Aura Minimal Techno Mix)
07 Because – Emotion Comes From Motion (Dubroots Minimal Techno Mix)
08 Intellectual – Equipping Education (Minimal Mix)
09 Remixable – Positive Education (Lennox Minimal Chillout Mix)
10 Movemaker – Transparently (Lisa Unique Tech House Mix)
11 Inspirational – Positive Education (Paul Damixie Minimal Mix)
12 Focus3d – Coming Soon (Tech House Mix)
13 Paduraru – Positive Education (Rhadoo Minimal Techno Mix)
14 Because – Universal Interpretation (Danny Lilwall Minimal Techno Dub)
15 Focus3d – Tech Anthem (Minimal Techno Mix)
16 Rhadoo – Platonic Techno (Minimal Mix)
17 Paduraru – Berries Superfood (Deeptech Mix)
18 Growaware – Getting Input (Deephouse Mix)
19 Paduraru – Alwayson Mymind (Techhouse Mix)


1stclass Housemusic

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1stclass #Housemusic Ian Osborn #Deephouse Music Mixset

01 Paduraru – 1st Class Sharing (Vibrant Deep House Mix)
02 1st Class – Fighting The Spiritual Battle (tONKPROJECT Deep House Mix)
03 Newheart – Best Support (Jason Tregebov & Gio Lopez Electro House Mix)
04 Heathous – Developing Windenergy (Proghouse Mix)
05 Heathous – Celebrating Redcross (Hy2RoGeN Electric House Mix)
06 Sunshining – Vital Revival (Ian Osborn & Karim Von T Inspiring House Mix)
07 Relate4ever – Revealing Lifepath (Riso & Matthijs Wentink Electro House Dub)
08 Dubacid – Delightful Workout (David Granha Electro House Mix)
09 Relate4ever – Growaware Openminded (Deeper House Mix)
10 Paduraru – You Can Change Me (Vibrant House Mix)
11 Vibrant – Tears Of Victory (Tech House DJ Tool)
12 Coolerika – You Want Coronita (Gabriel Robella Vocal House Mix)