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August Rhythms

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WER1608 Vibrant – August Rhythms (Organic Deephouse meets Vibrant Techhouse and Inspiring Proghouse Music Compilation in Key-G)
01 1st Class – August Loopholes
02 Carola Bianca – Summer Rhythm
03 Coolerika – Increasing Faith
04 Dubacid – Joshua Reading Aloud
05 Funkocrat – Wise Hearted Spin With Their Hands
06 GrowAware – Greater Than All Gods
07 Yespiring – Top 10 Bass
08 Morico Montini – Massive Vibes
09 Heathous – Halls Shiver
10 Progressive – Examine Our Deep Ways
11 Yesitive – Beating Hearts
12 Paduraru – Writing On The Tablets
13 Relate4ever – Bear Good Organic Fruit
14 Vibrant – Words Service Gifts Time
15 Deepient – Remixable Waterflow Seashore Lounge Chillout
16 Deeptech – Waterside Up
17 Wemixer – August Rhythms

Leave A Legacy (Inspirational)

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Cris – Leave A Legacy (Inspirational Lounge Music) – Download
1 Leave A Legacy (Risa Vocal Chillout)
2 The Legacy (Inspirational Ambient)
3 El Legado (Classical Piano)
4 Learn To Learn (Acappella Voice)

Thank you for playing this inspirational melody! Sing this with your family and friends every week and you will fully benefit from the meaning of the message. Can you send back your vocal cover?

I learn to learn
I learn to live
I learn to love
And leave my legacy

I live to learn
I live to live
I live to love
And leave my legacy

I love to learn
I love to live
I love to love
And leave my legacy

I am leaving a legacy of learning
I am leaving a legacy of living
I am leaving a legacy of loving
What is the legacy you are leaving?

You are leaving a legacy of learning
You are leaving a legacy of living
You are leaving a legacy of loving
This is the legacy we are leaving!

1E6 4G6 7G6 9F#6 12D6 15D6
1B5 4F#6 7F#6 9F#6 10G6 12E6 15B5
1E6 3E6 4G6 7G6 9F#6 11D6 12D6 15D6
1B5 3F#6 4F#6 7F#6 9F#6 10G6 11F#6 12E6 13E6 15B5

1B6 2A6 3G6 4F#6 5E6 9D6 11F#6 13E6
1B6 2A6 3G6 4F#6 5E6 9F#6 11F#6 13G6 15A6
1B6 2A6 3G6 4F#6 5E6 9D6 11F#6 13E6
1D6 3D6 4D6 5B5 7B5 9F#6 11G6 13F#6 14E6

Cris is where acappella vocal chillout meets inspirational piano ambient music! Can you send your voice cover to this song to The Remix Label?

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Love Never Fails Acappella

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Featured on inspiring dance music compilation.

Title: Love Never Fails (Vocal Acappella)

Lyrics: Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy,is not boastful, is not conceited, does not act improperly, is not selfish, is not provoked, and does not keep a record of wrongs. Love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things,hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends…

July Ambient

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RMXLAB1607 Ambient – Deepient – July Ambient (Inspirational Organic Chillout Relaxing Lounge Background Light Music Album Soundtrack) [The Remix Label]

01 1st Word Association
02 And In A Trance I Saw A Vision
03 Daily Peace Gold Love
04 Dance Chillout
05 Dreams Forjoy
06 Fasting Forgood Isaiah 58
07 Hearts For Christ
08 Humility Is Honorable
09 Natural Homeschooling
10 Peacemakers Called Sons Of God
11 Serving Soundtrack
12 Sigur Safe Seguro
13 Temperat Temperate Templado
14 July Ambient



July Rhythms

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WER1607 Vibrant – July Rhythms (Organic Deephouse meets Vibrant Techhouse and Inspiring Proghouse Music Compilation in Key-Gb)

01 Dubacid – Dance Anthem (Tribal Deephouse Mix) 6:49
02 The Musicmaker – Fasting 58 (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
03 Deeptech – Arousing Anthem (Minimal Deephouse Mix) 6:00
04 1st Class – Revering Souls (Deephouse Mix) 5:40
05 Positive Affirmations – I Am Like (EU 90s Eurodance Vocal Meets Organic Deephouse Mix) 6:50
06 Relate4ever – Deadsea Scrolls (Deephouse Mix) 9:38
07 Organic – Peacemakers (Tribal Deephouse Mix) 7:20
08 2LS2Dance – Get Ready For This (Deephouse Mix) 6:31
09 GrowAware – Attention Grows (Against The Pyramid Deephouse Mix) 6:16
10 Paduraru – Playing Positive Housemusic (Vocal Deephouse Mix) 6:54
11 Yesitive – Arise Aware (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 8:07
12 Vibrant – Workout Rhythm(Tribal Techhouse Mix) 8:08
13 Relate4ever – Homeschooling Naturally (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
14 Morico Montini – Mustard Seed Sowed In His Field (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 10:28
15 Ketaneo – Rainbow Round The Throne (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 7:18
16 Dubacid – Drilling Waterwells Worldwide (Deephouse Mix) 6:23
17 Coolerika – Coolmotion (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:06
18 Wemixer – July Rhythms (Various Artists Deephouse Meets Proghouse Music Mixset) 59:59

Letter For Disciples (Ambient)


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Official Release date 8 July 2016

160708 LFD Soundtrack – Cristian Paduraru – Letter For Disciples (Inspirational Ambient Chillout Music Original Soundtrack Album)

01 Cuvantul Word Palabra
02 Scriptura Scripture Escritura
03 Dumnezeu God Dios
04 Domnul Lord Senor
05 Suferind Suffering Sufriente
06 Credinta Faith Fe
07 Pastorul Shepherd Pastor
08 Pacatul Sin Pecado
09 Pocainta Repentance Arrepentimiento
10 Scufundarea Immersion Baptisma
11 Duhul Spirit Espiritu
12 Biserica Church Iglesia
13 Adevarul Truth Verdad
14 Legea Law Ley
15 Eusunt Iam Yosoy
16 Ucenic Disciple Discipulo
17 UniiPeAltii OneAnother UnosAOtros
18 Misiunea Mission Mision
19 Rugaciunea Prayer Oracion
20 Postul Fasting Ayuno
21 Slava Praise Alabanza
22 Mantuirea Salvation Salvacion
23 Nadejdea Hope Esperanza
24 Raiul Heaven Cielo
25 Letter For Disciples


June Vibes

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DJF160620 Deephouse – June Vibes (Deep House Music Compilation)
01 Seeing The Whole Picture (Organic Acid Deephouse Mix) 7:21
02 Garden Compost Notill (GrowAware Inspiring Deephouse Mix) 6:32
03 Seek With All Your Heart (Dubacid Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
04 Deep Arousal Areas (Minimal Deephouse Mix) 6:01
05 Attention Grows (Against The Pyramid Deep House Mix) 6:16
06 Inspiring Rhythm (Deeptech Deephouse Mix) 7:36
07 Jehoshaphat Asked (Inspiring Deep House Mix) 7:20
08 Joy Of Cooperation (Smooth Deeper House Mix) 7:05
09 Loving The Enemies (Vibrant House Mix) 7:21
10 Playing Positive Dance Music (Vocal Bass House Mix) 6:54
11 Mourn Willbe Comforted (Deep Tech House Mix) 7:04
12 Overseeing The Flock (Onelord Organic Acid House Mix) 7:21
13 Bedtime Stories (Balearic House Mix) 6:42
14 Loungebient (Beach House Mix) 5:14
15 Tropical Bass (Vibrant House Mix) 7:21
16 Thankful Teardrops (Starrysky Proghouse Mix) 7:20
17 Scufundarea Immersion Baptisma (Cristian Paduraru Ambient Mix) 3:17
18 June Vibes (Various Artists Deephouse Meets Proghouse Various Artists Deephouse Meets Proghouse Music Mixset Music Mixset) 59:59

A Chance To Dream Acappella

Download The Remix Label – A Chance To Dream (Vocal Acappella Ambient Music) – Up for singing? Submit to the voice audition here!