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– 2002-2012 mixes archive on the_wemix series.

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RR1349 – Breathing Housemusic (Paduraru)
RR1348 – Deepest Progression (MJ12)
RR1347 – Action Housemusic (Paduraru)
RR1346 – Reticent Deephous (Jesse Potts)
RR1345 – Awesome Housemusic (Paduraru)

RR1344 – Wemix 101 (Thomas Summer)
RR1343 – The Autumn Breeze Session (Paduraru)
RR1342 – Deeper Progressions (MJ12)
RR1341 – Reticent Techhous (Jesse Potts)

RR1340 – Specialmix One (Lars Schneemann)
RR1339 – Greatest Housemusic (Paduraru Romania)
RR1338 – Beside You (Jenn Martinello Florida)
RR1337 – Deeper Attraction (Juliet Fox Australia)

RR1336 – Groovy Housemusic (Gerardo Duran Mexico)
RR1335 – Loungeria Masterpiece (Leila Malagic Croatia)
RR1335 – Sweet Summer Sounds (Paduraru Romania)
RR1334 – Tribalmixes Promopool (Biontek Bulgaria)

RR1333 – Great Tracklist (Greg Tonus France)
RR1332 – 2LS2Dance Tribalmixes (TheLuckyOne Slovenia)
RR1331 – Painting Sounds (Annita Stamati Greece)
RR1330 – Tribal Augustday (Paduraru Romania)

RR1329 – Future Housemusic (Wemixer)
RR1328 – Yelectric Rhythms (Joli Dragon)
RR1327 – Tribal Julyday (Vibrant)
RR1326 – Tastetest 2LS2Dance (ToolTech)
RR1325 – Creative Chillout (Cristian Paduraru)

RR1324 – True Housesounds (The Travellers)
RR1323 – Spring Season Housemusic (Gerardo Duran)
RR1322 – Tribal Juneday (Paduraru)
RR1321 – Skyline Sounds (Forty5)

RR1320 – Touristic Housemusic (Travellers)
RR1319 –  BlackBerryBeatz (FunkyDread)
RR1318 – Tribal Mayday (Paduraru)
RR1317 – Mnml Housemusic (Zyron)

RR1316 – Excellent Housemusic (Paduraru)
RR1315 – Joyful House (Jose Zaragoza)
RR1314 – Inspiring Beach House (Bandzius)
RR1313 – Dynamic Housemusic (Wemixer)

RR1312 – DJ-Friendly Dance-Vibe (DJ Marika)
RR1311 – Biking Housemusic (Blake Baltimore)
RR1310 – Dramatic Housemusic (Dubacid)
RR1309 – Vital Housemusic (Vla DSound)

RR1308 – ILIKE Deepient (Paduraru)
RR1307 – Melodic Dreamhouse (Gerardo Duran)
RR1306 – Newyearseve Housemusic (The Kemist)
RR1305 – Colorful Housemusic (Coolerika)

RR1304 – Visionary Housemusic (Thiel Pelegrine)
RR1303 – Relaxoul Atmosphera (Paduraru)
RR1302 – Traveling Housemusic (The Travellers)
RR1301 – Kingofspins (Dj Gregrrr)

RR1252 – Seasonal Housemusic (Growaware)
RR1251 – Tremendous Housemusic (Lahorka)
RR1250 – Click Forgift (Paduraru)
RR1249 – Skyline Session (Forty5)
RR1248 – Kingofclubs (Dj Gregrrr)

RR1247 – An Unexpected Journey (Musabesni Proghouse)
RR1246 – Asian Housemusic (Apsara Proghouse)
RR1245 – Massive EDM (M-o-i Megamix)
RR1244 – Superb Housemusic (Paduraru Deeptech)

RR1243 – Ecological House (Paduraru Ambient)
RR1242 – Sensational Housemusic (Samy Techhouse)
RR1241 – Splendid Housemusic (Sotela Proghouse)
RR1240 – Transform Vibes (Nickolas & G Spice Deeptech)

RR1238 – Inspiring Chillout (Paduraru)
RR1237 – Vibehouse Selection (Vla DSound)
RR1236 – Focused Housemusic (Freza)
RR1235 – Narrator Storytelling (Narcissa)

RR1234 – Chillin Progression (Paduraru)
RR1233 – Liquidhouse (Loquai)
RR1232 Thinkabout Themusic (M-o-i)
RR1231 – Future Vibes (Heathous)

RR1230 – Cardio Workout (Paduraru)
RR1229 – Vibrant Rhythms (Dubacid)
RR1228 – Vibrant Moves (Morico Montini)
RR1227 – Amazing Housemusic (Ailen)

RR1226 – Joyful Rhythms (Jay Adkins)
RR1225 – Motivational Sounds (Morico Montini)
RR1224 – Coolhouse (Ketaneo)
RR1222 – Brilliant Grooves (DJ Bennabu)

RR1221 – Driving Vibes (Ish Timelessness Ukraine)
RR1220 – Delicious Electronics (Robin Jacobs Germany)
RR1219 – Delightful Housemusic (Paduraru Romania)
RR1218 – Deeptech Sounds (Dominic Smith England)

RR1217 – – Easter Housemusic (Heathous Romania)
RR1216 – – La Puerta (John Siscok Hungary)
RR1215 – – Positive Housemusic (Paduraru Romania)
RR1214 – – Remixlabel Share (Jacques-D Netherlands)

RR1213 – Loading… (Lionel Netherlands)
RR1212 – Terrace Deephouse (Cory B)
RR1211 – Deep Meets Prog (Deep Annick)
RR1210 – Prog Meets Hous (Kshah)
RR1209 – United By Groove (Homestyle)


Originally from viewtopic

The Remix Label presents Wemix Series radio show with inspiring electronic music mixed by deejay friendly artists worldwide. We will air the guest mixes that are using only tracks from The Remix Label catalog that we have copyright on.

Many of our network members are female djanes as seen on The mixes will showcase our catalog tracks upfront release. We already had several top downloads in those genres on beatport, itunes, etc

Our artists do their best to make a memorable megamix. The best examples may be Cristian Paduraru or Lachlan Holland. A megamix is a medley remix containing multiple songs in rapid succession. How to submit your guest megamix (read here how to make it)?

Pick what tracks and dj-tools you like from the promos in releasing section or from and write about your intentions in your order to download them for free. Then send back 1 mixed hour in your style along with track list and some pictures for promo.

In order to accept your remix submission you need to send a scanned copy signed of the promo agreement at legal@theremixlabel dot com, and your goal should be one mix/year/each artist. One signed agreement is needed for all your mix or remix submissions.

Submit now all the radio stations (as link or contact) you want the wemixseries radioshow to be aired in this topic…

Listen live on:
The Remixlabel Radioshow presents each week a new deejay mixing the inspiring house music catalog upfront on the following stations:

— Sundays 9PM EST PRO FM Romania Dance FM –

– Sundays 7PM and Thursdays 8PM Paduraru presents TheRemixLabel Project on Dance Effect Radio as seen on

– Sundays 8PM Paduraru presents Deejayfriendly Deeptech on Tunnel FM from Stockholm as seen on

– Mondays 9PM Heathous on House Nation Radio as seen on

– Mondays 10PM Yespiring with Paduraru and Various Artists on Techno.FM Mondays 10PM GMT/UTC as seen on

– Tuesdays TheRemixLabel on

– Tuesdays TheRemixLabel 12PM GMT-5

– Tuesdays 1AM GMT Paduraru Proghous on Lazer FM formerly Overdrive Underground from Chicago

– Tuesdays 3PM GMT & Saturdays 6PM GMT and weekly rotation – pres TheRemixLabel mixsets on

– Tuesdays 7PM GMT Paduraru Proghous presents The Remixlabel Radioshow on

– Tuesdays 8PM Deejayfriendly Promopool on Real Dance Radio as seen on

– Wednesdays 2AM Paduraru Proghouse on or

– Wednesdays 6PM Cristian Paduraru presents Feelectro House Music radioshow as seen on … 4/3863/-/-

– Thursdays 8PM Inspiring EDM on

– Thursdays 9PM Paduraru Proghouse on Max Musix Radio from Spain as seen on

– Thursdays 10PM Coolerika Radioshow on Elektrik Dreams Music as seen on … &Itemid=67

– Fridays 12AM on … radio-show

– Fridays 1PM on Radio HiTec (NL) airing The Remix Label with inspiring EDM on

– Fridays 8PM Paduraru presents TheRemixLabel Radioshow as seen on … radio-show

– Fridays 10pm Yespiring House Music Radioshow on UDJ Radio from Canada

– Fridays 11PM Cristian Paduraru presents Creative Electronic Music as seen on

– Fridays 12PM GMT-5 TheRemixLabel

– Saturdays 3PM Paduraru presents Vibrant House Music radioshow on as seen on

– Saturdays 4PM Deejayfriendly Mixsets aired by DJ BAM from House Radio as seen on

– Saturdays 8PM Jay Adkins guest mixes from TheRemixLabel on Off The Chart Radio as seen on

– Saturdays 11PM Heathous Hothouse on

– Saturdays Paduraru Proghouse on Minatrix (RU)

– Weekly rotation on Housebox (LT) Yesitive House Music radioshow on

– Weekly rotation on Tractor FM (NZ) 2LS 2 Dance

– Weekly rotation on Play FM (RU)

– Weekly rotation on Radio Klub (FR)

– Weekly rotation on Radio Boss (RO)

– Weekly rotation on Eclectic Radio (NL)

– Weekly rotation on Fit Radio (US)

– Weekly rotation on 28Black FM (TR)

– Weekly rotation on Sobel Promotions (NY)

– Weekly rotation on Radio Arcadia Eclectic Mix (CA)

– Weekly rotation on

– Paduraru albums featured now in heavy rotation on R.FM

– Special guest mixes at NiteGrooves on air OSRADIO 104.8 FM from The Remix Label by Cristian Paduraru – Stay tuned Sat evening

– Weekly rotation on Radio Genzel (CA)

– Weekly rotation on Ambition Radio (UK)

– Track and mix rotation on Tribal Channel Digitally Imported (CO)

– Paduraru on Fridays –

*** All times are in GMT/UTC as found here. Each airing slot receive a few hundred of listeners each week and per total over one thousand people listening to the Remixlabel Radioshow worldwide. Thank you for inviting all your friends to listen these mixsets.


The Remixlabel Radioshow flow goes like this from the first week of each month: deep/chillout, progressive/breaks, minimal/techno, electro/house. Want to see the current schedule? See below:
2010 & 2011 & 2012

– Weekly rotation on Radio Genzel (CA)
– Weekly rotation on Ambition Radio (UK)
– Track and mix rotation on Digitally Imported (CO)

DJ’s download the remix label catalog tunes with @ Key and BPM info from:

And make harmonic mixes in key with the remix label tunes for wemixseries.