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Housemusic To Persevere

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WER141224 – Housemusic To Persevere (2 Hours Aerobic Fitness Workout Music Compilation From Deephouse Techhouse Proghouse Tunes) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]

01 Db123 Superfoods – Scriptures Fulfilled (Deeptech Proghouse Mix) 7:17
02 D123 Coolerika – Immersion4giveness (Paduraru Acid Techhouse Mix) 7:20
03 Bb123 Relate4ever – Persevere (Tribal Deephouse Mix) 7:21
04 F123 GrowAware – Garden Compost Notill (lS Dj Deephouse Mix) 6:32
05 Ab123 Paduraru – Proverbs (Nowplaying Deephouse Mix) 7:21
06 Ab123 Yespiring – September Song (lS Dj Deephouse Mix) 6:31
07 Bb123 Morico Montini – Innerdrive Genesis (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:20
08 Eb123 Chile – Chilean Dance Anthem (Tribal Techhouse Mix) 7:21
09 G123 Ketaneo – Go Disciple (Inspiring Deephouse Mix) 7:20
10 G123 GrowAware – Greater Than All Gods (lS Dj Deeptech Deephouse Mix) 7:17
11 A123 Funkocrat – In War For Your Mind (Progressive Breaks Mix) 6:30
12 A123 Onelord – Plan For Peace (Vibrant Techhouse Mix) 7:01
13 B123 Onelord – Amazon Tribes (Tribal Techhouse Mix) 6:22
14 B123 Yespiring – December Rhythm (lS Dj Deephouse Mix) 7:48



Christmas Rhythm

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WER141217 – Christmas Rhythm (Cristian Paduraru Chillout Progressive Ambient Album) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]
01 G123 Increasing In Wisdom And Stature (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 7:21
02 D123 Immersion Forgiveness (Remixable EDM Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:47
03 D123 Courage Comes By Doing (Coolerika Beautiful Hangdrum Ambient Mix) 7:21
04 D123 Persevere In Life And Teaching (Amazing Organic Ambient Mix) 5:14
05 Db123 Superfoods Scriptures Fulfilled (Vibrant Bass Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:44
06 Db123 Forguiding (Deepient Organic Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:43
07 Bb123 What Is Faith (Minimal Dub Techno Acid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:14
08 Bb123 Wind Shelter (Pad-U Warmbient Deep Ambient Chillout Mix) 4:10
09 Bb123 Weekly Newstudy (Loyalmen Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:48
10 Bb123 Study Newverse Everyday (Seashore Organic Dub Ambient Mix) 7:19
11 Bb123 Proclaim Persevere Prepared (Warmbient Deep Bass Ambient Mix) 5:47
12 Bb123 Inductive Study Genesis (Feelectro Ambient Chillout Lounge Mix) 7:20
13 Bb123 Beautiful Sacrifices (Bellimba Hangdrum Relaxing Ambient Mix) 5:43
14 Bb123 Hearing The Word (Organic DubAcid Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:46
15 Ab123 Blameless Everlasting Covenant (Balanced Bass Ambient Chillout Mix) 7:20
16 VA115 Christmas Rhythm (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Album Megamix) 1:37:10



Best Housemusic

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RMXLAB1411 – Best Housemusic (Top 10+ Organic Deeptech Proghouse Music Tunes in Key-Bb From Balearic Ibiza To Hot Miami Beach Tunes Album

Compilation and the Paduraru Megamix) [TheRemixLabel] 25 November 2014
01 Narrator – Narrow Roadtrip (Deephouse Mix)
02 Funkocrat – Givelove (Breaks Techhouse Mix)
03 Dubacid – Forestrees Sing4joy (Organic Deeptech Mix)
04 Vibrant – Snow Footprints (1st Class Deephouse Mix)
05 Ketaneo – 4 Eternity (Progressive Deephouse Mix)
06 Growaware – Smooth Skinned (Deephouse Mix)
07 2LS2Dance – DJ Friendly Metro Vibe (Minimal Techhouse Mix)
08 Paduraru – Hearing Faith (Dub Deephouse Mix)
09 Morico Montini – Beachballs (Movie Trailer Techhouse Mix)
10 Heathous – Holdfast Theword (Proghouse Mix)
11 Relate4ever – Crispy Mercy (Dj AX Jazzy Deephouse Mix)
12 Already – Letters From Thebeach (Id7 Techhouse Mix)
13 Yespiring – Keep Pushing (Minimal Deephouse Mix)
14 Heathous – Vibrant Workout (Bodo Felusch Techhouse Mix)
15 1st Class – Inner Inspiration (Deep House Mix)
16 Deepient – 1stclass Instrument (Beach Ambient Chillout Lounge Mix)
17 Cristian Paduraru – Best Housemusic (Various Artists Continuous Key-Bb Deeptech Proghouse Music DJ Megamix)


Attractive Housemusic

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RMXLAB1410 – Attractive Housemusic (Organic Deephouse Meets Inspiring Proghouse Balearic Ibiza To Hot Miami Beach Tunes Compilation In Key-A

Plus The Paduraru Megamix) [TheRemixLabel] 21 October 2014
01 Relate4ever – Naturalnews (Organic Deephouse Mix)
02 Windenergy – For All Generations (Techhouse Mix)
03 Paduraru – 2kindsof Sorrow (Organic Deephouse Mix)
04 Coolerika – Precious Revival (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
05 101 – Cala Luna (Deephouse Mix)
06 Yesitive – Bold Regress Rider (Progressive House Mix)
07 Relate4ever – Followme Fishers (Proghouse Mix)
08 Paduraru – Showing Mercy (Organic Deephouse Mix)
09 Onelord – Ospels (Deeptech Techhouse Mix)
10 Dubacid – Sparking Mercy (Amy Unland Acidhouse Mix)
11 Morico Montini – Listen To His Word (Deephouse Mix)
12 2LS2Dance – Peaceplans (Deeptech Techhouse Mix)
13 Funkocrat – Letters Effect (Progressive Breaks Mix)
14 Cristian Paduraru – Attractive Housemusic (Various Artists Continuous Key-A Deeptech Proghouse Music DJ Megamix)


Adorable Housemusic

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RMXLAB1409 – Adorable Housemusic (Organic Deephouse Meets Inspiring Proghouse Best Ibiza To Hot Miami Beach Tunes Compilation In Key-Ab Plus

The Paduraru Megamix) [TheRemixLabel] 23 September 2014
01 Dubacid – Blameless Walk (Organic Deephouse Mix)
02 Paduraru – Alwayson Mymind (Giusepe Souza Deephouse Mix)
03 Yespiring – Stimulating Tickelish (Deeptech Deephouse Mix)
04 GrowAware – Fulfilling Chances (Forty5 Deephouse Mix)
05 1st Class – 9 Fruits Of The Spirit (lS Dj Deephouse Mix)
06 Paduraru – Wearechange (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
07 2LS2Dance – Touching Movemaker (Minimal Techhouse Mix)
08 Coolerika – Deepest Changes (Proghouse Mix)
09 Vibrant – Aerobic Dance (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
10 Morico Montini – Unleashing Celebration (Proghouse Mix)
11 Motivated – Harvesting Mature Crops (Amr Mohey Proghouse Mix)
12 Yesitive – Storytelling Movies (Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
13 Heathous – Nobleminded (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
14 Movie Trailer – Quotable Instruction (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
15 Onelord – May We Party (Techno Meets Techhouse Mix)
16 Dubacid – Headfirst (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
17 Coolerika – Just Another Day (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
18 Yesitive – Visualize Feeling Just The Best (Proghouse Mix)
19 Funkocrat – Material Bodystep (Dorje Dubstep Breaks Mix)
20 Dubacid – Dont Stir Love (Acidhouse Mix)
21 Feeling – Remarkable Challenges (Deephouse Mix)
22 Vibrant – Fitness Groove (Techhouse Mix)
23 Mediterra – Fresh Wind Waves (Progressive Deephouse Mix)
24 Heathous – Rhythmic Celebration (Jacksin Techhouse Mix)
25 Cristian Paduraru – Adorable Housemusic (Various Artists Continuous Key-Ab Deephouse Meets Proghouse Music DJ Megamix)


Silk Groove (Progressive)

D128 Vibrant – Silk Groove (Progressive House DJ Tool)

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Sweet Summer Sounds (Deephouse VS Proghouse Compilation Mix)

RMXLAB130827 – Sweet Summer Sounds
(Ibiza Deephouse VS Progressive Housemusic Tunes In Key-G)

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Vital Housemusic (Compilation on The RemixLabel RadioShow)

Vital Housemusic (Hot Various Artists Proghouse Music Compilation)

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Greatest #Housemusic (#Compilation)

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RMXLAB130730 – Greatest Housemusic

(Good Deeptech Meets Great Proghouse Music Tunes In Key-Gb)



True Housesounds (Radioshow)

RR1324  – True Housesounds (The Travellers)

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