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Love Charity (Vocal Deephouse)

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Cristian Paduraru – Love Charity (Vocal Chillout Meets Inspirational Deephouse Music)

[Worldwide Exclusive Records] WER1712CHRISTMAS

01 Charity Remains (Vocal Chillout Radio Mix)
02 Love Charity (1st Class Deep House Mix)
03 The Love Tune (Inspirational Melody)
04 The Charity (Acappella Vocal The Remix Label DJtool)

Love Charity by Cristian Paduraru unites inspirational deep house music with vocal chillout this Christmas on Worldwide Exclusive Records.

June Vibes

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DJF160620 Deephouse – June Vibes (Deep House Music Compilation)
01 Seeing The Whole Picture (Organic Acid Deephouse Mix) 7:21
02 Garden Compost Notill (GrowAware Inspiring Deephouse Mix) 6:32
03 Seek With All Your Heart (Dubacid Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
04 Deep Arousal Areas (Minimal Deephouse Mix) 6:01
05 Attention Grows (Against The Pyramid Deep House Mix) 6:16
06 Inspiring Rhythm (Deeptech Deephouse Mix) 7:36
07 Jehoshaphat Asked (Inspiring Deep House Mix) 7:20
08 Joy Of Cooperation (Smooth Deeper House Mix) 7:05
09 Loving The Enemies (Vibrant House Mix) 7:21
10 Playing Positive Dance Music (Vocal Bass House Mix) 6:54
11 Mourn Willbe Comforted (Deep Tech House Mix) 7:04
12 Overseeing The Flock (Onelord Organic Acid House Mix) 7:21
13 Bedtime Stories (Balearic House Mix) 6:42
14 Loungebient (Beach House Mix) 5:14
15 Tropical Bass (Vibrant House Mix) 7:21
16 Thankful Teardrops (Starrysky Proghouse Mix) 7:20
17 Scufundarea Immersion Baptisma (Cristian Paduraru Ambient Mix) 3:17
18 June Vibes (Various Artists Deephouse Meets Proghouse Various Artists Deephouse Meets Proghouse Music Mixset Music Mixset) 59:59

November Housemusic

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01 1st Class – Snow Footprints
02 2LS2Dance – Rescue Rebuke
03 Dubacid – Description Available
04 Homestyle – Newstudy Inductive
05 Feelectro – Bike Ride
06 GrowAware – 4 Eternity
07 Heathous – Sunlight For Earth
08 Ketaneo – Rebuke Goes Deeper
09 Morico Montini – Innerdrive Genesis
10 Paduraru – Holdfast Theword
11 Deepient – Caretaker
– Various Artists – November Housemusic [The Remix Label]

November Housemusic by Theremixlabel.Com on Mixcloud

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September Housemusic

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Various Artists – September Housemusic (Yesitive Inspiring Proghouse Meets Vibrant Deephouse Music Mixset)

September HouseMusic Mixcloud by Theremixlabel.Com on Mixcloud

01 Zingiber – Healing Rhythm (Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
02 Yespiring – September Song (lS Dj Deephouse Mix)
03 Feeling – Remarkable Challenges (Deephouse Mix)
04 FNW – Principles Detective (PCu Breaks Dance Mix)
05 Relate4ever – Love Never Fails (Ana Miranda Vocal Mix)
06 1st Class – 9 Fruits Of The Spirit (lS Dj Deephouse Mix)
07 Yesitive – Truth Kingdom (Vocal Proghouse Mix)
08 Paduraru – Wearechange (Acid Techhouse Mix)
09 Morico Montini – Brought Herinto Thetent (Organic House Mix)
10 Dubacid – Blameless Walk (Bass Deephouse Mix)
11 Yesitive – Storytelling Movies (Progressive House Mix)


Silk Groove (Progressive)

D128 Vibrant – Silk Groove (Progressive House DJ Tool)

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Sweet Summer Sounds (Deephouse VS Proghouse Compilation Mix)

RMXLAB130827 – Sweet Summer Sounds
(Ibiza Deephouse VS Progressive Housemusic Tunes In Key-G)

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Vital Housemusic (Compilation on The RemixLabel RadioShow)

Vital Housemusic (Hot Various Artists Proghouse Music Compilation)

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Greatest #Housemusic (#Compilation)

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RMXLAB130730 – Greatest Housemusic

(Good Deeptech Meets Great Proghouse Music Tunes In Key-Gb)