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Spinning Toons #Breaks

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RMXLAB980210 RMXLAB140210 – Paduraru – Fire In Water Live in Studio Martin
(Cristian Paduraru aka PCu presents FNW Progressive Breaks Music Tunes 90s Live Club Recordings)
01 C130 Cristian Paduraru – Liquid Summer (QY700 Progressive Mix)
02 C130 Paduraru – Indahou5 (Live Breaks House Mix)
03 F130 FNW – Funkocrat (1998 Studio Martin Live Acid Breaks Mix)
04 A135 Fire In Water – Rupe (1998 Studio Martin Live Acid Breaks Mix)
05 A135 Fire In Water – Erupe (Progressive Liveact Master Mix)
06 F135 PCu – Armageddon (1999 Progressive Mix)
07 G135 PCu – Patagonia (Goa Psy Live Progressive 90s Studio Martin)
08 G130 FNW – Plastica (Fire In Water Live Breakbeat Mix)
09 G130 Pad-U – Pankorgan (Fire In Water Live Breakbeat Mix)
10 Db130 Fire In Water – 34k Defier Pesine (Prodigy Acid Breaks Mix)
11 D130 Cristian Paduraru – Kutoff Style (MC303 Melodic Breaks Mix)
12 C95-D130 Fire In Water – Chillout 303 (Progressive Breaks Mix)
13 D128 FNW – Ploaia (Studio Martin Live Progressive House Mix)
14 B130 Paduraru – E Minunat (Fire In Water Proghouse Mix)
15 Db128 Paduraru – Activity (Deeptech House Mix)
16 Db130 Paduraru – Funky Drives (Live Dance Concert Techhouse Mix)
17 Eb130 PCu – Free Your Mind (Positive Proghouse Mix)
18 C130 Fire In Water – Rutina (Chemical Beats Acid Breaks Mix)
19 A130 Cristian Paduraru – Chitara Din Regat (Progressive Breaks Mix)
20 AC130 FNW – Woodrock (Liveact Freestyle Breaks Mix)
21 D123 Paduraru – Apollos Watered (1st Class Deephouse Mix)
22 Bb130 FNW – Acid 2020 Demo (Groovebox Acid Big Beat Breaks Mix)
23 Db130 FNW – Toons (90s Live Breakbeat Beats Mix)
24 C130 PCu – Alternativa (Rave Hardcore Guitar Breaks Mix)
FREE BONUS 101 PCu – (And You Will Know) My Name Is The Lord (Breaks Mix)
#StudioMartin20 Years Celebration with 25 tunes in 2 hours and 25 minutes



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