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October Background


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RMXLAB1610 Chillout – Deepient – October Background (Inspirational Ambient Vocal Chillout Loyalmen Relaxing Lounge Healthy Organic Aerobic Fitness Workout Background Light Music Album Soundtrack) [The Remix Label]
01 Ospels Pads Ambient
02 Amabil Kind Benignidad
03 Adevarul Truth Verdad
04 Amazing Guidance Lounge
05 Creative Care Walks On Water
06 Cuvantul Word Palabra
07 Global Letters
08 So Merciful Are Blessed
09 Choosing To Forgive First Time Preaching
10 Yesitive Positive Feelings Progressive Taking Guns
11 Deep Trust Dub Ambient
12 Breathing Amazing Fresh Air
13 Deepient Expressing Deepself
14 Loyalmen Breathing Trust
15 Expressing Deep Happiness
16 Lounge Dance Chillout
17 Good News Is Spreading Pastor Orders
18 Visualize Giving The Good News
19 Salvation Salvacion Piano Music
20 October Background

Tribal October

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RMXLAB1510 – Tribal October (Housemusic Compilation with Organic Deephouse Vibrant Techhouse and Tribal Proghouse Tunes as best of Key-A from The Remix Label) 27 Oct 2015

01 Onelord – He Was In A Soft Whisper (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
02 Coolerika – Precious Revival (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
03 Carola Bianca – Following The Anointed One (Organic Deephouse Mix)
04 Heathous – Lymbic System (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
05 Onelord – The Judgment Day (Organic Techhouse Mix)
06 Vibrant – Keep Moving (Techhouse Mix)
07 Heathous – The Final Day (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
08 Yespiring – Seductive Rhythm (Minimal Techhouse Mix)
09 Paduraru – Ospels (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
10 2LS2Dance – Proactive Loopholes (Vibrant Techhouse DJTool)
11 Various Artists – Tribal October (Paduraru Vibrant Techhouse Music Mixset)
12 Cristian Paduraru – Amabil Kind Benignidad (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) Bonus Track