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February Ambient

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01 Iam Respectful
02 1000 Years From Now
03 Blessed Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness
04 Christmas Ambient
05 Crossroads Church Of Christ
06 Forgiveness
07 Forguiding
08 Gentle Inherit The Earth
09 Giving Gracefully
10 Harmony In The Lord
11 Heavens And Earth Willpass
12 In The Beginning God Created
13 Jucaus Playful Jugueton
14 Mouth Confess Vocal
15 Poimen Presbyter Pastor Shepherd Elder Episkopos Overseer
16 What Is Love Vocal

Various Artists – February Ambient (Deepient Progressive Chillout Lounge Music Mixset)

December Ambient

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01 Best Reasons Why (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
02 Bland Gentle Gentil (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
03 Kiss In The Rain (Ambient Chillout Mix)
04 Lastday Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Progressive Ambient Mix)
05 Oh Yes The Optimism Tune Theme (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
06 On The Edge (Loyalmen Vocal Ambient Chillout Mix)
07 Perfection Is Complete Maturity (Zingiber Bellimba Organic Chillout Progressive Ambient Mix)
08 Pseudonym Aliases (Progressive Ambient Mix)
09 Reasons Why You Live (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
10 Redeempath (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
11 Unic Unique Unico (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)

Various Artists – December Ambient (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Music Mixset)

Perfection Is Complete Maturity #Progressive

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WER151007 Zingiber – Healing Rhythm (Inspiring Proghouse Music) [Worldwide Exclusive Records]

1 Healing Rhythm (Yesitive Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
2 Bells For Health (Growaware Organic Deephouse Mix)
3 The Final Day (Heathous Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
4 Perfection Is Complete Maturity (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Chillout Meets Organic Ambient Mix)

Paduraru – Relaxoul Atmosphera (Ambient Album)

Cristian Paduraru – Relaxoul Atmosphera (Relaxing Ambient Album Mix) 59:59

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The Remix Label – D Key Creative Project (March)

Up for creative remixing this month? The Remix Label D-Key project is available now.

You can download samples pack that has the agreement included from here

This will be released in all popular sites! Get upfront updates only thru feedburner@google

When can you send undiscovered or new producers you know for remixing this?

You can listen the original tunes on youtube channel: