Spring Workout Music

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Deephouse – Spring Workout (Deep House Music For Aerobic Cardio Workout) [Deejayfriendly] DJF1903GYM

1 February Anthem (Deeptech Housemusic Mix)
2 Giving Thanks (The Remix Label Vocal Gospel House Music Mix)
3 Eat Rawfood Rainbow 7 Colors (Organic Deephouse Mix)
4 Hunger Satisfied (Dubacid Aerobic Acidhouse Mix)
5 Realtribe (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
6 Wake Up Liberty (Heathous Fine Techhouse Mix)
7 Cardio Aerobics (Morico Montini Techhouse Mix)
8 Made To Energize (Acid Techhouse Mix)
9 In The Beginning (Paduraru Proghouse Mix)
10 No Radiation For You (Vibrant Fitness House Mix)
11 Welcome To Workout (Tribal House Mix)
12 Spring Workout (Wemixer Fitness Music 128-130 BPM)

Deephouse Spring Workout from The Remix Label compiled by Cristian Paduraru on Deejayfriendly brings Vibrant Deep House Music Great Motivation for Fitness Aerobic Workout.