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Winter Inspiration

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Summer Inspiration

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Cristian Paduraru – Summer Inspiration Music (Inspired Relaxation Chillout Lounge Beach Background Ambient Album

in Key Gb) [The Remix Label] RMXLAB1707

01 July Anthem (Inspirational Piano)
02 July Ambient (Inspired Harp)
03 July Synth (2LS2Dance DJtool)
04 Biserica Church Iglesia (Vibrant Piano)
05 What I Say About Others It Is About Me Vocal Chillout
06 Daily Peace Gold Love (Progressive Ambient)
07 Dance Chillout (Vibrant Bass)
08 Dreams Forjoy (Progressive Ambient)
09 Fasting Forgood Isaiah 58 (Deeptech Ambient)
10 Hearts For Christ (Progressive Lounge)
11 Humility Is Honorable (Organic Ambient)
12 Natural Homeschooling (Pad Bass Ambient Chillout)
13 Peacemakers Called Sons Of God (Vibrant)
14 Sigur Safe Seguro (Progressive Ambient Chillout)
15 1st Word Association Deepient
16 Temperat Temperate Templado Ambient
17 Summer Inspirational Music Mix

September Ambient


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RMXLAB1609 Lounge – Cristian Paduraru pres Deepient – September Ambient (Inspirational Organic Chillout Relaxing Lounge Aerobic Fitness Workout Background Light Music Album Soundtrack) [The Remix Label]

01 The Power Of New Acappella
02 Pad Power
03 Iam Happy
04 Deep Comfort Unleashed
05 Eusunt Scriptura
06 Storytelling Sounds
07 Iam The Law
08 Visualize Doing The Best
09 Yosoy Humilde
10 Feeding You Ambient
11 Evangelio En Espanol
12 Restored Originality
13 Choosing Prolife
14 Blameless Everlasting Covenant
15 Great Journeys Chillout
16 September Ambient

A Chance To Dream Acappella

Download The Remix Label – A Chance To Dream (Vocal Acappella Ambient Music) – Up for singing? Submit to the voice audition here!

Silk Groove (Progressive)

D128 Vibrant – Silk Groove (Progressive House DJ Tool)

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Sweet Summer Sounds (Deephouse VS Proghouse Compilation Mix)

RMXLAB130827 – Sweet Summer Sounds
(Ibiza Deephouse VS Progressive Housemusic Tunes In Key-G)

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Vital Housemusic (Compilation on The RemixLabel RadioShow)

Vital Housemusic (Hot Various Artists Proghouse Music Compilation)

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Greatest #Housemusic (#Compilation)

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RMXLAB130730 – Greatest Housemusic

(Good Deeptech Meets Great Proghouse Music Tunes In Key-Gb)