Up for remixing?

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Now, you can creatively remix now the monthly key projects!  Reply here to receive the password for samples pack! Loops ~♪*♫☼♥:♫-)~ available for:
– March D-Key – April Eb-Key – May E-Key
– June F-Key – July Gb-Key – August G-Key
– September Ab-Key – October A-Key – November Bb-Key
– Dec B-Key – January C-Key – February Db-Key

Do your best with the inspiring melodies and vibrant rhythm, in order to make it memorable. Woooooohooo!!! Originally from viewtopic and let’s continue writing music history together…

Would you like to make a special remix? Your interpretation will be exposed in promotions to thousands of DJ’s worldwide and may be included in various compilations/releases to all the popular download sites (Beatport, Juno, ITunes, Amazon, DJMag, RA, etc)!

What genre? We like Progressive House the most. How long? Between 5+ and 10 minutes. For vocal remixes send also a dub version without vocals too. Looking after deejay friendly arrangements around 6 minutes. Accepted genres: inspiring, fitness, beach, deephouse, minimal, techhouse, progressive, electro, house.

In order to accept your remix submission you need to send a scanned copy signed of the promo agreement found in the samples pack at legal address found on the agreement, and follow the terms of use asap. Keep in mind that this unique project is non-profit for-promo.

You can also attach a JPG scanned copy signed from the agreement by replying to this topic and add your attachment file. Keep it around 1200×800 and with the syntax: TheRemixLabel_Promo_Agreement_YourNameHere.jpg

The remix submitted with in the promotional agreement usually gets thousands of free downloads in many creative marketing deejay friendly initiatives. Also can be included in licensing emails sent to over one thousand established record labels!

You’ll deliver 320 mp3 or 16 bit WAV files. You may use yousendit.com or sendspace.com at http://www.theremixlabel.com/deejayfriendly/shop_content.php?coID=7. The best and fastest way is to simply reply to the remix key topic and attach all the files to your post!

1.the final remix (preferably pre-mastered), – for the vocal tracks send a dub without vocals too.
2.the remix rhythm version (all drums, percs, bass),
3.the remix melody version (only sounds, melodies, effects).
Naming structure: KeyTempo_TheRemixLabel_-_Month_(Remixer_Name_Genre_Mix).mp3
Hear an example here!

The samples from the pack comes from previous released remixes. The videos of compilations showcase most of the full tracks out of which the samples comes. It’s an ongoing creative and unique project! Then from these versions: the remix, the melodies (without rhythm), the rhythm (without melodies) we export new samples for the next packs.

We have a list of titles for the submissions we receive, so when the artists sends the new track should name it according to each month’s key. Example A123_TheRemixLabel_-_Key_Year_(Remixer_Name_Genre_Mix).wav

The topic order of the special loop sample packs available for creative remixing are (month/key):
01 January C
02 February Db or C#
03 March D
04 April Eb or D#
05 May E
06 June F
07 July Gb or F#
08 August G
09 September Ab or G#
10 October A
11 November Bb or A#
12 December B

After you send the remix, check the remix label presents wemixseries forum here to find out your release dates because you can expect to have it included in more than one releases worldwide on our affiliate labels. Soon you’ll have the artist account integrated in theremixlabel website and be able to download samples/upload remixes/track sales & feedback/reactions.

The Remix Label is a non-profit for-promotion net-label. Even if it’s distributed to all popular websites, most downloads are from free promos and streams. So the focus is music, creativity, friendship, knowledge, and the income goes in maintenance of the label. Our artists understood that and supported the cause of ongoing creativity thru remixing. Thank you for your inspiring cooperation 🙂

The deejayfriendly promopool can feature your releases too and you’ll be able to promote it on social networks and other websites. Do not share anything using these samples without giving proper credit to the key creative project with label logo and the website link http://www.theremixlabel.com

Thank you and hope you’ll enjoy this inspiring project more and more as we create the musical journey together! This post was updated on a monthly basis. Enjoy remixing now!

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